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Olive Oil

Welcome to Kardamas Extra Virgin Olive Oil! A pure, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil, produced from a family-owned orchard in Greece.

Extra Virgin is the absolute highest grade for olive oil. The oil is extracted within hours of picking the olives, through cold pressing.

Since ancient times, along the Mediterranean coast, the olive trees are being drenched in Grecian sunlight and grown with care on a hillside overlooking the Ionian Sea. This is the village of Kardamas in Peloponnese.  

Greece has the third largest quantity production and the largest proportion of extra virgin olive oil on earth. Here in Greece, the 80% of the olive oil production is extra virgin and the Greeks consume by far the most olive oil per capita. Mediterranean peoples, discovered early its therapeutic properties and introduced it into their diet as keystone of welfare and good health.   

Taste the difference of our Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil today!

A Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In order to maintain all its nutrients and flavour, the oil remains at a temperature of below 80 degrees Fahrenheit during processing. Every batch is carefully selected and through cold pressing extraction, no heat, chemicals or solvents are used while processing the olives.

After being delivered from the rural countryside overseas, the oil is bottled in Millbrook, New York to be sold both locally and throughout the United States.

Explore our webpage and enjoy our specially selected and carefully handpicked products straight from Greece, with all the respect to tradition and quality.  


Top Quality Products from Greece

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Wild & fresh Greek Oregano

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Greek Mountain Tea

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Greek Oregano Oil Supplements

Highly anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Boost your system and secure yourself against various diseases with this natural Greek oregano oil food supplement.

High Quality, Authentic Greek Goods

At Kardamas, we are proud to find top handpicked quality products for your friends and family.

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