9 Reasons To Eat Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Us Greeks are lucky. Very lucky.

We have the kind of luck which is directly linked to our eating habits. However, we often tend to forget or take some things for granted.

Of course, I am referring to our access to Greek extra virgin olive oil. In our country, we produce a high - quality olive oil in abundance. It is the star of the Mediterranean diet and a great nutritional treasure with numerous benefits for human health.

Let’s make a list of 9 reasons to introduce Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil to our diet:

1.     Its taste

Obviously!  The taste of Greek extra virgin olive oil is really unique. This may be a common thing to us, but people who live in non-Mediterranean countries treat it as a rare, gourmet element. Who can blame them?


2.     It helps to reduce weight

One of its main and most important features, is that olive oil degrades fat through the body's own fat cells. This happens because monounsaturated fatty acids replace the saturated fatty acids. Thus, it also helps to regulate insulin. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, which have been shown to aid in fat loss. It helps you feel full, while it reduces abdominal fat.

3.     It improves our sex life

The omega-3 fatty acids found in the olive oil, assist the bloodstream and increase the blood flow, which works in aid of our sex life.


4.     It has anti-cancer properties

The ingredients of olive oil, stimulate the immune system and help longevity. Thus, it helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some forms of cancer!


5.     It fights Alzheimer's

The monounsaturated fatty acids found in olive oil, prevent the brain from weakening. They also combat the development of diseases that reduce cognitive ability, such as Alzheimer's.


6.     It has anti-aging properties

It is no coincidence that olive oil is an essential ingredient in many anti-aging beauty products. This happens because the vitamins A, D, E and K found in olive oil help protect against free radicals and cell oxidation, which means it works as an anti-aging agent.


7.     It is good for pregnant women

Pregnant women should definitely eat olive oil. It improves the baby's psychomotor reflexes and gives it developmental benefits.


8.     It is a natural painkiller

As research has shown, olive oil contains substances with anti-inflammatory properties, which means it can work as a natural painkiller.


9.     It fights diseases

High levels of antioxidants strengthen the body's immune system and protect from diseases. It also improves blood micro - circulation to the lungs and makes breathing easier.


Eat raw extra virgin olive oil. Add it to fresh salads, to your food by the end of cooking and replace margarine, butter, mayonnaise, seed oil or heavy cream in cooking or pastry.

Experts recommend the consumption of two to three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil per day.

Here in Greece, we recommend a little more than that.