DIY Extra Virgin Olive Oil Hair Treatments


Apart from its many beneficial properties when received through our diet, extra virgin oil olive oil, can perform miracles for our hair, skin and nails! Due to its polyphenols, antioxidants and rich content in vitamins A, E and K, it becomes easily absorbed by the skin and contributes to the wellbeing of the cutaneous cells.



In Ancient Greece, olive oil was the most common product of daily grooming as it was widely used in various cosmetic procedures - women would dip their comb in olive oil and warm water, before their daily hair style, in order to maintain strong and shiny hair.


Up to today, however, extra virgin olive oil is still being used by people who suffer from dry skin problems, dandruff and hair loss, or even as a hair care mask. It nourishes the cells, relieves the scalp from exfoliation, strengthens and hydrates the hair and gives it amazing shine.


Especially during winter and summer our hair goes through a lot, because cold weather, wind, sea water and sun exposure will make it dry, difficult to comb, easy to break and cause split ends. Additionally, daily styling and certain shampoos could damage the scalp causing irritation, redness, itchiness, dry skin, dandruff and even hair loss.


Stop spending money on expensive hair products and oils. Just put a few drops of Kardamas Extra Virgin Olive Oil on your fingertips and gently comb through the ends on a cold-winter-frizzy hair day!


A once-a-week-treatment with extra virgin olive oil will rejuvenate your hair, make it smoother and help fight scalp problems. How about an update on your hair beauty routine? 


Treatment #1: The overnight treatment

Spread half a cup of Kardamas Extra Virgin Olive Oil from roots to ends and wrap your head with a membrane or just put a shower cap on. Place a towel on your pillow before you go to sleep and leave the oil on your hair and scalp through the night. The membrane (or the shower cap) will help create higher temperature, allowing the oil to penetrate the cells and work its magic! 


Treatment #2: The warm oil hair treatment

Warm up half a cup of Kardamas Extra Virgin Olive Oil and spread it on your hair, at least one inch lower from the roots. Wrap your head with a towel and leave the oil on for 30 minutes.



Remember that when you are about to wash your hair after an oil treatment, you should first put a generous amount of shampoo on your head, without any water, and smoothly rub it for a couple of minutes. Then you rinse it and wash your hair once more (or twice) as usual, with lukewarm water.


Following those simple steps, I guarantee you that you will not leave a trace of oil on your pretty head and your hair will be cleaner than ever!



Did you know that women in Ancient Crete would mix up extra virgin olive oil with laurel berry oil for strong, shiny, dark hair? Laurel berry oil has the capacity to naturally darken hair.

Cool, eh?