Kardamas Natural Sea Salt from Greece


Natural Sea Salt from Greece is now available to you by Kardamas!

The purest form of salt, unprocessed and natural, from small producers in Greece.

 Manually harvested, in limited quantities and with absolutely no chemical treatment or additives. It is a truly ancient tradition.

 The naturally moist, crispy salt flakes dissolve instantly in your mouth with an explosive complexity and an almost sweet aftertaste.

 After salt went into chemical processing and production, it gradually lost the beneficial properties of untreated natural salt.

 Greece still has ancient natural salt pits, such as Crete, Kythera, Ikaria and Mani.


100% Natural Sea Salt with high nutritional value.



Just like nature offers it to us. We only intervene as collectors by simply harvesting it, without adding or removing anything to it.



During a storm, sea water hits the rocks. This water is trapped into the cavities of the rocks, and when the sun comes out, it evaporates and leaves the salt.


 However, during a storm, it not just the sea water trapped on the rocks.


Tiny fish, shrimps, sea grasses, crabs, seaweeds, and sea shells are drifted from the waves and trapped in the rock cavities along with seawater.


     At this point, nature begins to do what it does best:


The sun heats the water in the cavities and it boils day by day, with all the “nutritious goodies” trapped in it, boiling as well.


 As the days go by, salt replaces water, while the seafood is cured with salt, and all its nutrients remain intact!

This natural fermentation, involves an abundance of marine organisms.


Therefore, anyone who consumes unprocessed natural sea salt, does not only eat salt, but also fish, and shrimps, and seaweed and the list is endless! 


Poorer appearance?

Yes, because it has the segments of the marine organisms and the flora of the sea. These contribute to its special flavour, nutritional value, and beneficial properties for our health. 



Healthy and nutritious


It stabilizes the heartbeat.

It regulates blood pressure.

It balances blood sugar levels --particularly important for diabetics.

It facilitates digestion.

It does not cause cellulite or bloating.

It has no anti-caking agents that are very dangerous for the body.

It gives food an amazing sea flavour to your food with a much less quantity.

It is not chlorinated.

It has at least 98 nutrients.


Greece is a country surrounded by sea. It’s good to consume the salt with the least amount of processing and not overdoing it. 




Salt comes from the sea.


What is natural, is natural.


Natural is only what is offered by nature without any human intervention.


Happy Salting!