What Is The Correct Way To Weigh?

Many of us are afraid of scales- myself included. As a matter of fact, this particular period of my life is a huge “no-scale-under-any-circumstances”.

In order to make the scale show a smaller number, certain sacrifices are required, such as the systematic, conscious effort of eating healthily, avoiding junk food and consuming portions that leave your stomach semi-satisfied. Rings a bell?


It’s called “I’m on a diet”.

However, regardless of the goal we have set for our weight, the scale is the tool that shows us our progress.


Unfortunately, many of us are unaware of some important details about the proper use of the scale.

So, what is the correct way to weigh?

Can you answer the following?

How often do you need to weigh?

When should you weigh?

How should you weigh?

The proper use of scales can greatly affect the number you will see when weighing.


How often we need to weigh?

The fluids we receive during the day can affect the number that the scale will show within a 24-hour period. Try to weigh only once a week, in order to have a reliable picture about how your diet program works for you.


When should we weigh?

According to experts, the best time to get on the scale is when we wake up in the morning, before having breakfast. This way the scale will show our true weigh, as our stomach is still empty. On the other hand, weighing in the evening is far from recommended, as fluid retention, eating during the day and even fatigue can raise our true weigh up to several pounds higher.


One more expert advice-for us ladies-is not to weigh during the difficult days of the month, since -again- fluid retention affects the number of pounds. It is more reliable to weigh a week before menstruation.


What is the correct way to weigh?

The ideal weighing method is without any clothes on and always on the same scale, which should be placed on a flat surface (otherwise the result is altered). The latter is important as it is the safest way to calculate the difference in our weigh, since different scales may give us different results.


As mentioned above, the scale is merely a tool that shows us our progress when we are trying to lose some pounds. Although, our weight is only an indicative number of this effort. We should always keep in mind that the thing that matters most is to be healthy and to love our bodies with or without some extra pounds.

Besides, beauty is not measured in pounds.