Wild Oregano Potato Recipe


Oregano is one of the most widely known aromatic herbs and the emblem of the Greek and the Mediterranean cuisine.


In Greece, we use it mainly dried. It has a spicy flavor and it is combined perfectly with olive oil and lemon.

Many dishes in Greece are cooked and served with this simple sauce (olive oil, oregano, lemon), such as meat, potatoes, liver, fish, and even roast vegetables.

In many islands of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, wild oregano is added in fish bellies which are baked on the grill, giving them an exquisite flavour.


It fits with almost every food, soups, potatoes, omelettes, meat, fish, beans, pasta, vegetables and tomato-containing foods.


Its flavor and aroma, resembles thyme and marjoram and it’s a unique addition for pizzas and various kinds of breads.


Some mixtures with wild oregano:


Oregano, sage, parsley (for chicken)

Oregano, basil, thyme (for fish, chicken, rice, pasta)

Oregano, basil, marathon, dill and onion (for fish and poultry)


Let’s have a look at a healthy and super easy oregano recipe with potatoes.  



Who does not love potatoes?

I could live exclusively on potatoes. It doesn’t matter if they are fried, baked mashed or… raw!


If somebody told me that I would have to live without potatoes, I would probably go into a culinary depression.


Just give me the potatoes and nobody gets hurt!


I know that the most common way to eat them is fried, with an addition of ketchup, but I will introduce you a slightly different -and far healthier- way to enjoy them.


Wild Oregano-Mustard-Lemon Potatoes




1 kg of fresh, baby potatoes

Sea salt (to taste)

Wild oregano (to taste)

4 tbsp mustard

½ cup extra virgin olive oil

Juice from 1 or 2 fresh lemons (to taste)


How to


·      Preheat the oven.


·      Wash the potatoes thoroughly and boil them for about 10 minutes.


·      Place them in a baking pan.


·      Mix the olive oil with the mustard, the salt and the oregano and pour the mixture over the potatoes.


·      Bake for about 20 minutes. The exact baking time depends on how crispy or soft you want them to be.


·      Sprinkle a little more oregano after baking and add the lemon juice.


·      Serve.


·      Eat.


·      Repeat the procedure, cause it’s never going to be enough.



Tip: Be generous with the salt and the oregano. That’s what makes them irresistible!




Bon appetit!!!