Fresh & Wild Greek Oregano

Fresh & Wild Greek Oregano

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Wild and hand-picked Greek oregano from the mountains of the west coast of Greece.

Greek Oregano differs: Everybody agrees that the oregano that grows in Greece is the most flavourful and savoury oregano you can find. Its robust and distinctive aroma is unique and can only come from the finest leaves that contain more oil glands than the ordinary oregano.

A must-have: Greek oregano is the perfect addition to your favourite recipes. Roast meat, salads, fish, vegetables. chicken, pizzas, lamb, vinaigrettes and barbecues are only some of the foods craving to be sprinkled over with this fantastic herb.

Greek and Healthy: The Greeks have known the healing properties of the oregano since ancient times. Loaded with anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients it makes an excellent natural antibiotic. Additionally, the oregano tea is a perfect treatment against asthma, colds, and indigestion.

Experience the difference of our fresh and wild oregano from the mountains of Greece!

We are what we eat!

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